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25  Inexplicable

Miraculous healing after twenty-five years of severe backache

Banyan tree (Ficus Benjamina.L) in Pasuruan in East Java. Source:  Maritiemmuseum.nl
I would and could never have believed the following story if it hadn’t truly happened to me personally. It must’ve been at some stage during my period at the GAK. I had been wearing a corset with metal ribs for over 25 years because of severe backaches. These backaches were possibly the consequence of working in a cigarette factory in Jakarta during the war, when I had to lug heavy bags of sugar and rice. I had an East Indian friend in Almere-Buiten, which is where our daughter lives too. He lived in her neighbourhood and when visiting my daughter I regularly dropped by to catch up with him. He told me he went to Indonesia each year to learn from an old guru (master) on Java how to heal people from their ailments. After many years he was now – according to himself – at a point where he had healed many people. He kept returning to Java every year to perfect his healing skills with this old guru. Time and again he’d asked me to come and see him so he could help me, and although I personally didn't believe in it whatsoever, I agreed to it at some stage, mostly with the intention that we could just have a bit of chitchat while he was 'healing' me. On my first visit I was lying on his examination table and without even touching me, he pulled the ailment from my body with a certain movement of his hands. It felt like I was being attacked and bitten by thousands of red ants, despite the fact that I didn‘t believe one bit in this type of mumbo-jumbo. He also fictitiously pulled the illness from my body from my back – again without touching me – and threw the ailment away. After five treatments he asked me to take off the corset once I’d get home in order to see how long I could endure the pain without the corset. Believe it or not, but I’ve never worn the corset since! And to my utter amazement and fortune, I, doubting Thomas, was left with no other option than to believe that wonders will never cease, not for this type of medical treatment anyway! They say that you must believe in these things to benefit from them, but I didn’t believe in it up until the very last moment. To my undreamed-of fortune, this miraculous healing happened despite my disbelief


Krisses. Bron: iweb.tntech.edu
During some of my holidays I spent in Indonesia around that same time period, I came across more inexplicable things. When I was in Yogyakarta I stayed in the “Puro Pangeran” apartment year after year. The owner was a Balinese man from Singaraja and his Javanese wife was a princess from the Sultanate of Yogya. Over the years, we became friends and we would occasionally go out on trips together in my rental car. After several years, he asked if I would like to see his Kris. Which of course I did, so the Kris was removed from its case with the necessary ‘hormat’ (respect). I had heard at times that such a Kris could stand up straight on its tip on a table - provided that its owner had the ‘power’ to make this happen. When my Balinese friend indeed showed this to me and saw the unmistakable disbelief in my eyes, he repeated the ‘hocus-pocus’ on a sheet of glass. I captured the whole thing with my camera. I’ve often heard that an authentic Kris which was bought, or received as a present, must suit and be in harmony with its master. If that happens, fortune will come your way. Should the opposite be the case, trouble will haunt you from then on.

I could go on and on with similar stories about things that happened during my working life, but it would take too long to go into this further.

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