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23  European Holidays

On this drawing my wife Loes sits on a horse and I walk next to her, in the desert under the scorching sun.
As our financial situation improved, we could afford to look beyond the Dutch borders. During the summer school holidays, we would go on vacations by car to sunny destinations such as Italy, Spain and Istria (part of the former Yugoslavia). “We’’ here meaning my own family, my younger brother Teddy’s family, my sister Olly with her husband Anton and of course my mother. We would drive south in three cars with an overnight stop along the way.
Next door neighbour of my wife in Semarang, as a female Tarzan
  I should acknowledge the fact that my mother regularly ‘sponsored’ us during these holidays. The reason for this being that she lived with my sister and brother-in-law at almost no cost (first in Amsterdam, later in Leiderdorp, Venray and finally in Tilburg). As such, she could save up most of her widow's benefit, Dutch pension and holiday allowance. She thoroughly enjoyed watching her children and grandchildren enjoy their holidays to the full. The jewellers, especially in Italy, certainly won’t ever regret having had my mother as a generous customer, either. She liked to take all the women in our party to the local goldsmith where she’d treat them all to new jewellery at her expense. And when we felt like checking out the local Chinese restaurant one day, my mother could afford to request that she’d pay the bill. The names of all the places we stayed at and places we descended upon have escaped me now, but I do remember well staying in so-called Sunclass bungalows in Italy. It was here one day that my brother-in-law Anton unexpectedly ‘parked’ his dark green Ford Capri on the shoulder as we were on our way back to these cottages high up in the hills. The car was pretty smashed up. My sister’s response was "Not to worry, we are well insured". Unfortunately, my brother-in-law hadn’t renewed the “great insurance” that year…

One day, on the way home from a holiday in Italy, I came across a small specimen of what is generally called “monkey bread tree” here (araucaria araucana). I ended up taking it back to Holland in a garbage bag, where it grew into tree of almost 8 metres in height in our backyard. Little did I know that many years from then we would be laying our beloved little dog Axel to rest deep down in the soil under this tree.

Nature, sunk in dreams, in Malang, East Java
Nature, sunk in dreams, in Malang, East Java

Near this lake we've enjoyed a lovely meal

Enjoying a lovely meal
Together with son Glenn, who took this photo, and Indonesian namesakes Abels from Malang, we enjoyed a delicious meal
Company - with namesakes
Photo left: Namesake Felix Abels, the son of Daisy Abels, with wife and daughter. Photo right, from left to right: namesake Daisy Abels, my son Glenn and namesake Jacob Abels
Indische feestavond van Rumah Melati
On the photos above you see my daughter Sandra. Especially for this party evening she's wearing a beautiful sarong and kebaya. On the photo left she's standing next to my sister Olly; on the smaller photo in the middle she's dancing with a few friends and on the photo right I'm standing next to her.

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