Cover book

by son Glenn & cousin Astrid, 2011


This is the cover of the book (second print, 2010) in which you find many memories that Ferry Abels wrote down out of his eventful life.

This little book (116 pages) is published under his own administration.
There was a big demand, fast leading to a second print and in spite of the high costs, Ferry did not ask for money. However, socially motivated as he is, he asked all who wanted to pay, to donate towards the orphanage he feels connected to: 'Kasih Karunia' in Paré/Java in Indonesia.

If you would like more information about the orphanage, please contact the Dutch sponsor of the orphanage, the Vereniging Smaragd.

When you, after reading, choose to support the orphanage with money, on behalf of Ferry we'd like to thank you for your kind donation.


Orphanage in Pare
The orphanage Kasih Karunia in Paré near Kediri and Glenn with his adoptive son

Ferry next to an old car
Ferry, the person who recalls memories out of his colourful life. On this photo (2009) he's standing next to an old car. The numberplate shows it is registered in "good old Batavia".


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